Fintech Reviews – Google

Google is the biggest media owner in the world by far. It outstrips its closest rival, Facebook, by more than $50 billion. These two companies, between them, bring in over one fifth of the worlds advertising revenue.

Google is influential in almost any area that they choose to focus on with the notable exception of social networks. Despite several attempts, including Google+, they have not been able to launch a widely successful platform. However, what they lack on the social media front, they more than make up for as a search engine, email provider and software giant.

Their influence makes them a significant player on the world financial stage so Fintech Reviews is here to provide you with a snapshot of Google.


Fintech ReviewsAmazingly, given how prolific the search engine is in daily life, Google only began life just over 20 years ago. The company gathered a number of investors to supply funds of about $30 million in the late 90s and was publically offered in 2004.


While they are, perhaps, most famous for their search engine services and Gmail, Google supply dozens of services across the web. Google Adwords is the marketing side of the company, while Google Analytics gives businesses insight into their public reach. They also have Google Docs, Google Drive and the Chrome web browser, plus they are the power behind Android – a serious rival to Apple’s iPhone software.

Working for Google

Google are an attractive company to work for. They win frequent awards for being a great employer and have many innovative programs including Innovation Time Off. This is where employees are encouraged to spend 20% of their time working on projects that interest them, which are not within the scope of their current job roles.

Google employ more than 57,000 high-end people. Some people have commented on the fact that many employees are over-qualified for their positions because Google is such an attractive company to work for that people are willing to pitch a little lower just to get in.

Office perks include free food, gym, onsite doctors, discounts, and free massages. Google also offers one-to-one mentorship and personal development programs.

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