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What is Fintech?

Fintech refers to financial technology, which refers to technology that is applied to previously established financial institutions for consumers and trade. Being the most creative and effective is of uttermost import, and the most successful companies are those that stay up-to-date with technology, giving them the extra tools needed to succeed. In a lot of cases, it is startup companies who are attracting the attention (and financial backing) from companies who are looking to them for the answers to their everyday problems.

Why Fintech Reviews?

Few industries come under such focus as the financial sector, and the technology side has been growing at an exponential rate due to huge developments globally, that knowing where to look can be extremely difficult, and frustrating. When you combine both industries, then you have an incredibly hot topic, where it can be essential to stay one step ahead of the news and reviews.

Our website will ensure readers can feel up to date with the latest in fintech reviews, reporting on the industry's most important developments. If you are afraid that you may be kept out of the loop, you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter, where we will promote and share the most exciting reviews.

By focusing on the reviews of the top stories of the day, week, and month, our readers will be able to learn where the big wins are being made and by which fintech companies. Very often the articles will be about a specific company, or it may be about a select group of leading figures, whose achievements we feel are important to share.