Algomi sets its eyes on revolutionising bond data usage

Algomi is a bond information network founded in 2012 in the UK by Stu Taylor and Usman Khan, both founder´s impressive histories are on the Algomi website for your review. Algomi, since 2012, has won multiple awards and prizes for innovation and has been hailed as a strong and successful start-up fintech business.

Take a look at Algomi Review and you’ll find Algomi regularly land in top 50 lists for fintech companies year after year, along with our directors and products.

Making the most of every data source

Algomi CEO Stu Taylor found that there is a lot of data that usually can´t be accessed, but the firm is developing systems to access this information and make use of it. “We know where the data is and who owns it and will be providing a pathway to access,” Taylor says. “Data in fixed income is going through a small revolution.”

Competition and criticism

Just last month, data analytics provider Corvil announced it was expanding into fixed income trading. David Murray, chief business development officer at Corvil said “The electrification of fixed income has accelerated and there will continue to be new venues and trading protocols.”

Due to the revolutionary technology that we at Algomi have introduced to the world of trading, other companies are beginning to think about developing their own.

The International Organization of Securities Commissions recently revealed concerns that it will be difficult for technologies to achieve rapid increases in efficiencies when it comes to finding and pricing securities. This is because of the lack of a centralised pool of liquidity, the small amount of corporate bonds available, and the many different execution preferences.

Investment in Algomi

Recently, pan-European stock exchange Euronext invested $10 million in Algomi. Euronext´s $10 million investment bought them a seat at the board of directors here at Algomi and a 10-year development plan for a new piece of software dubbed Euronext Synapse.

As with most of Algomi´s other software, Euronext Synapse connects with all of Algomi´s other software to provide valuable information.

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