Algomi review: revolutionising fixed income trading

Algomi is a software company set on revolutionising fixed income trading and helping well-established financial institutions to roll out innovative and exciting trading platforms worldwide.

We have reported on Algomi´s partnership with Euronext before. Their 10-year plan with Algomi involves the development of a new trading platform, with the intent to increase liquidity in the oftenilliquid fixed income bond market. They intend to take this platform worldwide after some fine-tuning.

Algomi´s most recent partnership is with AllianceBernstein, the well-established investment management and research firm. AllianceBernstein chose Algomi to be the sole marketer of their award-winning ALFA technology that they developed in-house.

Why select Algomi?

AllianceBernstein found Algomi to be the most suitable marketer after a long and competitive review. Algomi now market the software as Algomi ALFA and sell it to buy-side workers, allowing them to consume data from numerous electronic venues, messaging platforms and direct dealer inventory feeds.

Algomi´s main focus and drive is still software development. This was a key factor in AllianceBernstein´s choice to select Algomi to market their product. To protect customer´s data and privacy, Algomi is solely a software provider, having clients procure their own hardware via an approved vendor. Algomi simply installs and deploys the ALFA software.

ALFA is a great addition to Algomi´s software catalogue and solves several problems in the turbulent world of fixed income markets. ALFA will aggregate the entire market onto one screen, allowing the trader to see potential liquidity opportunities and helping the trader to make better informed decisions.

The team behind Algomi

Algomi is run by an award-winning team of innovators, many with backgrounds in the financial world. This is key to finding the right types of solutions to the problems that really need to be solved in the industry.

Algomi are a company that are set to innovate the industry time and time again, with new products and ideas being rolled out and networks spreading worldwide.

Algomi has been in many website´s fintech top 50 lists over the years and will carry on to appear there. Stay tuned and watch this space for the next Algomi review and even more news.