Algomi review: effecting change in fixed-income trading

Algomi´s revolutionary software is changing the way traders work in the world of fixed-income trading. The company offers solutions to both the buy-side and the sell-side, helping both parties to make more efficient decisions and more profitable trades.

Algomi utilises modern advances in computing and artificial intelligence to develop their software and help the industry. Exciting software like Honeycomb, Synchronicity and newly acquired Algomi ALFA are available to traders from Algomi.

Algomi´s systems work together to improve efficiency bi-laterally. All information shared between platforms is completely anonymous and serves to help all parties using the software.

For the buyers

For the buy-side traders Algomi offers two different systems to help traders. Honeycomb is a system built for portfolio managers, execution desks and compliance teams.

This system interprets huge, usually incomprehensible data sets into information that can be used to help investors trade with added precision and speed. The data comes from lots of sell-side sources and is displayed in a visually engaging, intuitive and informative manner. This allows the investor to see all of the information from a number of sellers.

The other system offered by Algomi is ALFA. This system was recently acquired from AllianceBernstein.After a long and competitive selection processAlgomi was chosen to be the sole marketer of this software by AllianceBernstein.

This system is designed for quants, execution traders, portfolio managers and compliance professionals. ALFA aggregates the entire bond market onto one screen, which makes it easier to spot pools of liquidity.

For the sellers

Next on this Algomi review is the sell-side trader´s software. Synchronicity is Algomi´s system for banks. It allows the user to connect to a network of traders and salespeople, using their data to get information on the best trade opportunities. This software will help foster an efficient collaboration between investors.

Algomi has been developing Euronext’s pan-European marketplace with a system called Euronext Synapse which allows for new liquidity to be found.

Algomi is a company that hascome a long way in a short amount of time, so stay tuned to get the latest news and the next Algomi review.